How do Local Moves differ from Long-Distance, Out of State Moves?Here is one of the more interesting statistics about moving that we have learned at NYC Movers & Packers.  By the time you reach the age of 25, you will already have moved at least once in your life.  So, the average adult has some moving experience at the very least.  However, this doesn’t mean they know more than the fact that there are two different venues when it comes to moving, namely DIY moves or hiring professional movers.  Furthermore, many individuals don’t know the difference between moving out of state and moving locally.

What is considered a local move?

Most moving companies differentiate between local and long-distance moves by the distance involved.  In most cases, moves of 50 miles from the origination point are considered local moves.  If the distance is greater than this but the move takes place without crossing state lines, it is classified as an “intrastate” move.  In other words, you travel long-distance but in the same state.

What is considered a long-distance move?

A long-distance or out of state move is also referred to as an “interstate” move because your furniture and possessions are transported across one or more state lines.  The key difference then between a local and long-distance move is clearly the distance involved.  Additionally, a long-distance or out of state move requires more planning, preparation, and time to complete the move.  Another important difference where these 2 types of moves are concerned is the way in which NYC Movers & Packers calculates the cost of a local vs. long-distance or out of state move.

What are the other significant differences?

While the distance is the obvious difference between these two types of moves, there are a couple of other significant differences to be aware of when you are learning the difference between moving out of state and moving locally.  In most cases, a long-distance or out of state move is more complex and time-consuming.  As a result, this type of move involves considerably more planning and preparation. However, you don’t have to do anything alone. Our team is ready to assist you through the whole process as we have years of experience in relocating locally, interstate and coast to coast.

Plus, you need to start planning and preparing a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks in advance of your moving date when moving long-distance or out of state.  Finally, one of the more important differences between local and out of state moves for many individuals is the cost.  In most cases the cost will vary.  In any event, when it’s time to move locally or out of state, NYC Movers & Packers has you covered.

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How does the cost of both moves compare?

It’s obvious that the cost of a local move will be significantly lower than that of a long-distance or out of state move.  Furthermore, moving companies often calculate the cost of a local move differently from that of a long-distance move.  For instance, local moves are often calculated by the hour rather than distance since there is considerably less time involved.  Hourly rates range from $50 to $200 per hour depending on the moving company you’re dealing with.

On the other hand, the cost of a long-distance or out of state move is based on distance and total volume or weight of your furniture and household belongings. Basically, the more goods you need moved, higher would be the cost. Thus, it helps to sort through your possessions before you start packing to ensure you only move whatever is required. Keep in mind that there are other factors that come into play with the cost when you comparing the difference between moving out of state and moving locally such as:

  • moving services requested
  • number of movers needed
  • special handling items (hot tubs, pianos, pool tables, safes, etc.)
  • time of year

Just to give you a basic idea, a small one-bedroom apartment or studio usually requires 2 movers, takes up to 3 hours, a will cost anywhere from $200 to $400.  Conversely, a 2 to 3-bedroom home requires up to 5 movers, can take up to 10 hours, and can cost anywhere from $600 to $2,000.  These figures are based on average shipment weights of 2,000 pounds for a small 1-bedroom and 5,000 pounds for a 2 to 3-bedroom home.

Keep in mind these amounts are based on historical moving industry data and national averages.  So, your moving cost may vary up or down.  For more information about the difference between moving out of state and moving locally visit our website of call NYC Movers & Packers at (833) 257-3391 to speak with a moving and relocation specialist. We’d be glad to assist you. Call us now!

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