Should I put My Belongings in NYC Storage or Sell Them?If you’ve recently sold your NYC home and preparing to move into a newer one, it may be time to figure out what belongings you want to keep, sell, or put in storage.  You shouldn’t start packing until you’ve decided what to do.  Depending on the number of items you have, this could be a relatively simple task or it could be quite challenging.  At NYC Movers & Packers, our relocation specialists have the experience and expertise to help in the decision-making process. Thus, if you are in doubt, give us a call and let us help you through the whole process.

Moving in New York City is challenging enough, especially for moving companies.  The heavy traffic, the lack of elevators in older apartment buildings, and the strict driving and parking regulations and restrictions can make things extremely difficult.  Consequently, having too many belongings to move with you can hinder the ambiance of your new place, hence the question “Should I put my belongings in NYC storage or sell them?” The following content should give you a better idea about what to keep, sell, or store.

What are the initial considerations?

Although there is much to think about when it comes to selling certain items or putting them into storage, you want to make this decision now before you start packing – not after you’ve moved.  There is little if any likelihood that you will address this issue after you move.  The fact that you were very busy planning and preparing for your move and now you finally feel that you’ve accomplished a monumental task is what will inhibit your desire to start going through everything.  See let’s take a closer look at your options, when it comes to decluttering your home before moving. You need start sorting through your possessions a few weeks before you start packing. It will help you get an idea on the number of things you will be relocating.

What should you sell or get rid?

The most common items that people sell when moving is furniture, especially if they are buying or renting new furnishings for their new home.  As with tangible items, your old furniture still has legitimate value and can put cash in your wallet.  Yard sales have become the old school way of selling off your belongings because of the ability to sell used items online.  You might even manage to make some cash by taking clothing to a secondhand or thrift store.

If, for one reason or another, you’re unsure about making any financial gains on these and other items, or you just don’t want to hassle with the additional work before moving, you can always donate items to one or more charities.  Clothing should be clean and in good condition (i.e., no large stains, no tears, etc.).  Another other household items that you decide to donate should also be in good, usable condition and not require repairs.  If there are still items leftover after these two steps, some of it is probably trash, and throw it.

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What should you put into storage?

There may be other possessions that you rarely use but refuse to get rid of.  Certain family items don’t fit in the “sell-donate-throw away” category.  These types of items should probably be put in storage.  Family heirlooms and items that have been passed down through multiple family generations or things your children have made for you have certain sentimental value that you can’t put a price on.  These items have more value because of how personal they are.

Furniture involves different circumstances.  For example, you may have a piece or pieces that you spent a considerable amount of money on and truly love.  Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that it will match the décor in your new home.  Dimensions in your new home may be very different from your old home, which means that some furniture items no longer make any sense.  If there isn’t a place for a certain piece of furniture, but there might be in the future, you’ll be better off storing it rather than selling it.

Ultimately, the decision to sell certain items or put them into storage is yours and yours alone.  So it’s important to weigh one option against the other before making your final decision.  Don’t forget to consider what may be needed in the future.  Also, storing your items comes with a price. If you don’t have the budget for that, then donating or selling those items is your only option. At least it will help you save money on the move.

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