Choosing between a Life in Los Angeles or New York City

Choosing between a Life in Los Angeles or New York City

You’ve come to a point in your life where you feel it may be time for a change. Part of that change involves living a better lifestyle and starting a new career in one of the country’s two largest cities – LA and NYC.  Thus, the question arises, “Should I move to LA or NYC?” While both cities are iconic in their own right, they couldn’t be more different from one another.  The following information may make the decision-making process a bit easier when choosing between the two.

Why do people move to Los Angeles?

Families and individuals have moved from all parts of the US to LA since its founding and all of them for different as well as some similar reasons.  For some, it’s the food.  For others, it’s the people.  But for most, it’s because it’s LA.  Based on past experiences, here are some reasons why NYC Movers & Packers has helped many people move to Los Angeles:

  • the arts and world-class museums
  • celebrities and live entertainment
  • cultural diversity
  • Mediterranean-like climate
  • numerous dining venues

Furthermore, some of the world’s most brilliant individuals have settled in the greater Los Angeles area.  Plus, it’s the home to two iconic colleges, namely UCLA and USC. Thus, if you are planning to further study, this might be a good decision. Additionally, the beautiful beaches and nice weather does allure people to move here.

What attracts people to New York City?

Some people move to NYC in pursuit of a new career, especially if it’s in the banking or finance industries.  Others move here because they need a change of pace and are looking the type of excitement that can’t find in their current city.  No matter what the reason for moving to New York City, there’s no other city that can compare to what this one has to offer.  Here are several reasons why people have chosen NYC over LA:

  • the art scene
  • the choice of city views from offices, penthouses, and rooftops
  • everything is only a cab or train ride away
  • excellent public transportation venues
  • it’s one of the most “walkable” cities in the world
  • the nightlife and NYC’s internal clock

In addition to the above, NYC is often compared to LA as one of the two cultural and media capitals of the US.  No matter what your reasons for moving to the Big Apple, NYC Movers & Packers has the moving and relocation services that can be tailored to accommodate your specific needs and requirements. If this is your first move, we understand your stress and apprehensions. That is why you need professionals to walk you through the whole process and assist as you need.

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How do LA and NYC compare when it comes to living expenses?

Obviously, the reasons for moving to either city listed above are key factors.  However, when answering the question “should I move to LA or NYC?”, you have to take the cost of living and other related factors into consideration.  Obviously, the staff here at NYC Movers & Packers cannot suggest where you should live.  But we can provide the following cost of living information that may help make it easier to decide on one or the other:

  • Average annual income is $54,400 in LA compared to $57,800 in NYC
  • Average commute time is 30.9 minutes in LA compared to 40.8 minutes in NYC (Wait a minute. NYC is worse?)
  • Average electricity cost is 13.03¢/KWh in LA and 23.21¢/KWh in NYC (over 10¢/KWh higher in the Big Apple)
  • Average price of a suburban home is $700,000 in LA compared to $995,000 or more in NYC
  • Average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is $2,444 in LA compared to $2,550 in NYC
  • Cost of public transportation in LA is about $100 per month compared to $127 per month in NYC (although LA is cheaper, you’ll probably need a vehicle)

Where the quality of life is concerned, the fact that Los Angeles enjoys 60 more sunny days per year than NYC means that living there is better for your health and well-being. However, the choice is yours and we’ll be with you every step of the way when you decide to relocate to LA or NYC.

How much does a long-distance move to LA or NYC cost?

Depending on where you currently live, one of the key factors that influence the cost of your move is the distance to either city.  Additionally, there are other factors that could impact the cost of moving to NYC.   In either case the distance, moving services required, number of movers needed, size of the move, and the time of year you’re moving will play a significant role in determining the cost.  For an accurate in-home estimate, contact NYC Movers & Packers today.

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